VeriDoc Global allows users to verify whether a document is genuine or fake by simply scanning a QR code on the document.

VeriDoc Global has developed a web-based application to secure documents and manage templates.

The web app can be used as a stand alone solution for document issuers who do not have any existing systems or software in place.

VeriDoc Global is a highly versatile application and can also be used to enhance your existing process. Please check out our Developer Tool to access our library of APIs.

Some use cases for VeriDoc Smart Login include:
Key Documents

Birth certificates, land titles, medical certificates, tax documents, visas.

ID Cards

Driver licences, passports, security cards, national IDs.


Degree certificates, transcripts, certificates of attainment.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Quality certificates, organic and non-GMO certificates, patient information.

Key Features & Benefits

Increase in Trust

Users can be verified without risking their privacy – a growing concern with biometrics.

Increase in Safety

Product owners are protected from shared logins, memberships and licences.

Increase in Security

Data on the blockchain is immutable, secure and encrypted for the entire process.

Controlled Access

Product owners have control over who can view and verify the sign-in data for audit purposes.

API Versatility

APIs can be developed to communicate directly with existing software.

Reduction in Cost

Governments and businesses save time and money lost each year due to fraud.

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