Veridoc Analytics

Trusted data for Accurate Insights

VeriDoc Analytics

leverages verifiable data and blockchain technology to provide quality insights.

The ability to analyse data which is reliable because it is immutable, verifiable and traceable is something that was not possible until now. By ensuring data quality, the combination of big data and blockchain offers massive opportunities for organisations and consumers.

Product owners can view all sorts of data relating to their unique implementation of VeriDoc Global technology, including time and location stamps, sign-in data, access logs, device types used to scan QR codes, frequency of QR code scans, the length of sessions and demographics.

VeriDoc Analytics incorporates tools and data from technology partners such as AWS, Google Analytics and VeriDoc Global’s proprietary technology.

Some use cases for VeriDoc Smart Login include:
Anti-counterfeit Solution

Flagging counterfeits, assisting law enforcementand helping to prevent counterfeits before they happen.

Unauthorised Distribution and Grey Markets

Flagging grey selling, discovering supply chain leaks and identifying unauthorised distributors.

Marketing Analytics

Assessing brand loyalty, customer demographics, reducing costs and increasing the success of loyalty programs.

HR and Employee Analytics

Attendance, employee job satisfaction and planning labour hours required to deliver a project.

Key Features & Benefits

Increase in Trust

Users can be verified without risking their privacy – a growing concern with biometrics.

Increase in Safety

Product owners are protected from shared logins, memberships and licences.

Increase in Security

Data on the blockchain is immutable, secure and encrypted for the entire process.

Controlled Access

Product owners have control over who can view and verify the sign-in data for audit purposes.

API Versatility

APIs can be developed to communicate directly with existing software.

Reduction in Cost

Governments and businesses save time and money lost each year due to fraud.

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